Cross-country skiing in South Tyrol
Winter holidays in the Dolomites
The Plose, Bressanone’s own mountain, offers you a high altitude track at 2,050 metres. The track is of medium difficulty and is 3 kilometres long. From along the whole track there are wonderful views of the Geislerspitzen, the Peitlerkofel and other peaks of the Dolomites.


Embedded in the beautiful, snow-covered countryside, with views of the bizarre mountains of the Dolomites, the Isarco Valley has other cross-country tracks to offer:






BrixenPalmschoß-Würzjoch8 kmmedium/difficultclassic & skating
Round track Kreuztal5 kmmediumklassisch
VillandersRinderplatz-track6 kmmediumclassic & skating
Foggja-track8 kmmediumclassic & skating
Panorama track20 kmmediumclassic & skating
LüsenRound track on the Lüsner Alm from the carpark Tulper Gampis7,5 kmmedium/difficultclassic
Round track Petschied in Hinterlüsen near the Sportzone
bei der Sportzone
3 kmeasyclassic
Villnösser TalWürzjoch track from Russis Kreuz12 kmmediumclassic & skating
Round track Zanser Alm from the Zanser Alm4 kmeasy/mediumclassic & skating
Track centre Würzjoch7 kmmedium/difficultclassic & skating
Mühlbach/ValsRound track in Vals from the valley station Jochtal12 kmmediumclassic & skating
MeransenAltfaßtal track8 kmmedium/difficult-schwerclassic & skating
Lodenweg – Bacherhütte track8 kmeasy/mediumclassic & skating
RodeneckRodenecker Alm 15 kmeasy/mediumclassic & skating
RidnaunRound track Gasteig-Stange-Mareit12 kmeasyclassic & skating
Round track in Ridnaun25 kmdifficultclassic & skating
Panorama track Platschjoch16 kmeasy/mediumclassic & skating
Innerratschings track12 kmeasy/mediumclassic & skating
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