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Arrive ... and feel at home straight away ... not only in our hotel, but also in the mountains!

Unspoilt nature as far the eye can see, or as far as you and your companions wish to walk or bike. Indeed, the Plose is well-known for its breathtaking panoramic views - from the Zillertal Alps to the Dolomites and even further to the Ortler Range. Every walk affords new scenery and vistas!

Hotel Millanderhof is where you get to experience the real South Tyrol: a friendly atmosphere, Tyrolean, Italian and international delicacies, comfortable rooms and much fun with your hosts Markus, Michael and Renate Knapp!

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Our tips for your walking holiday in South Tyrol
  • Walking along the Jakobsweg… varying tours

  • Karlspromenade: going uphill from Millan, you pass the raised hide of Karlsburg and continue on to the pilgrims’ church of Maria am Sand. By the hses along the stream above the church, there is a path which leads you north into the woods. You then pass above the Josefsiedlung and Köstlan and go on past the Trunthof Farm, until you reach the Lüsner road. Return to Bressanone via the Lüsner road.
    Altitude difference: 50 metres | Walking time: 2 hours. Distance: 3.5 kilometres

  • Klerant to Albeins
    The path leads via Millan to the church of Maria am Sand. It then climbs up through the woods to Rifnoler. You should continue to the Plose road, turn right towards Klerant and go on to the ruins of Platzlung Farm. From there walk down through the woods until you reach Albeins and continue on to Millan.
    Altitude difference: 300 metres | Walking time: 3 ½ hours

  • Zirmhöhenweg: This upland path, also called the Bressanone high trail, is a scenic path with wonderful panoramic views of the valley basin around Bressanone. It leaves from the top station of the cable car Kreuztal on the west slopes of the Plose Massif and continues gently north along the upper tree line, coming to the Ochsenalm. The well-tended path makes for easy walking and is particularly suitable for family hikes.
    Altitude difference: 100 metres | Walking time: 3-4 hours

  • The Three Peaks Tour: From Kreuztal (2,000 m.) via the Plose mountain refuge (2,440m.) or Pfannspitze Peak (2,547m.) to the Großer Gabler /2,574m.)…… From the top station on the Plose, climb up on the ski slopes and continue along a meadow path to a little hut above. The path crosses hilly terrain and in time brings you to the Plose mountain refuge. Continue on eastwards to the descent for the Lüsner Scharte, then follow the path towards the Große Pfannspitze. Pass it, walking along the ridge, and go on to the Kleiner Gabler. From there continue on to the rocky peak of the Großer Gabler, and enjoy the magnificent panoramic views. For your descent choose the path over the south ridge, crossing alpine meadows and many hollows, finally reaching the Rossalm. Make your way back to the top station of the Kreuztal lift.
    Altitude difference: 530 metres | Walking time: 4-5 hours

  • Dolomite View – Upland Path This path, also known as the Dolomite Panorama Path, offers scenic views which are among the most beautiful in the whole region. The first part of this walk (to the Rossalm and back – 1½ hours) is easy and short and can be recommended for families with children. Leaving the top station of the Kreuztal lift and going eastwards, you cross mountain meadows on the Plose and reach the Rossalm. Continue to the Enzian mountain refuge on the Gampen meadows (Gampenwiesen).
    Altitude difference: 300 metres | Walking time: 4-5 hours

Your hotel for walking on the Plose in the Isarco Valley

Hotel Millanderhof warms a walker’s heart… lovely rooms and suites… exquisite cooking… friendly people… and just a few minutes from the walker’s paradise of the Plose, Villanderer Alm, Villnöss, Lüsen, Würzjoch and Gröden. You will love it! Enquire now!
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