Your holidays in South Tyrol
“Active-pleasure” holidays south of the Brennero

South Tyrol... your holiday paradise! Here, south of the Brennero, you can spend your holidays in pure, unspoilt countryside. WalkingNordic walking and biking in summer... skiing holidays in winter!

South Tyrol... magical with its contrasts
South Tyrol is a land of diversity, a melting pot of cultures, a potpourri of languages, a symbiosis of the Alpine and the Mediterranean, spontaneity alongside reliability, nature and culture. Here there are green meadows and vineyards more or less next to mountain peaks, there are pulsating centres and romantic, idyllic villages, there are simple dwellings and mighty fortresses! There are Mediterranean specialities as well as good wine, spicy “Speck”, the hard traditional bread, sweet chestnuts and many more!

The history of South Tyrol
South Tyrol is an Italian province with Austrian roots. As the name says, South Tyrol belonged to the Tyrol up to the First World War and therefore to Austria. In the Treaty of St. Germain the land was given to the Kingdom of Italy and was consequently Italianised. Today in South Tyrol there live together about 500,000 people of Germanic, Italian and Ladin origins. South Tyrol enjoys autonomy and is a world-wide model for minorities.

Further information about South Tyrol
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