Holidays in Bressanone
Discover the main town in the Isarco Valley
Bressanone... the town in the centre of the Isarco Valley
Bressanone lies half way between Brennero and Bolzano, at the confluence of the Rivers Isarco and Rienza. “Prihsna”, first mentioned in 901 A.D., is the oldest town in the whole of the Tyrol and the main town in the Isarco Valley. With its ca.19,000 inhabitants, Bressanone is the third largest town in South Tyrol today.

Bressanone... the town for congresses
Bressanone is an excellent venue for congresses. Modern conference centres, short distances, an attractive town centre, a variety of shops and manifold possibilities for cultural, gastronomic, and tourist activities outside conference hours make the town exceptional.

Bressanone... the town for modern sportsmen
Bressanone is ideal for sportsmen and sports clubs. It proved its competence when it hosted the Under 18 World Athletics Championships in 2009. The clubs have a number of indoor halls and training grounds at their disposal, and Bressanone and the surrounding area offer the private person a great variety of possibilities, too. Swimming, sauna and restorative treatment at the adventure pool “Acquarena”, mountain biking on the Plose Massif, cycling along the River Isarco, Nordic walking, riding, tennis and paragliding in summer….. skiing, tobogganing and snowboarding in winter…..

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Bressanone... the town for culture
Bressanone is a many-sided, culturally attractive town, but also a place where you can take it easy and find new strength……the cool charm of the North….the elegance of the South.. This mix is what gives Bressanone its fascination! The old town will entrance you with its arcades, the cathedral, the “White Tower”, the castle with its museum of Christmas cribs and the cloisters. The cloisters contain some of the best examples of alpine wall paintings, with valuable frescoes from 14th-16th centuries.

Bressanone... the university town
Bressanone is also a town with an emphasis on education. Apart from the Philosophical-theological University and the Faculty for Educational Science from the Free University of Bolzano, the university of Padua also has an external faculty in Bressanone.

Bressanone... the town of bishops
Bressanone is the ecclesiastical centre of South Tyrol, with the bishop being at once bishop of Bressanone and bishop of Bolzano, the provincial capital. Pope Benedict XVI, whose forefathers came from near Bressanone, visited the town many times. He also spent his summer vacation in Bressanone in 2008.

Top 10 gems of Bressanone and its neighbouring villages

1 The historic centre of Bressanone/ Brixen is a magical blend of art and culture. Its narrow streets, full of a thousand years of history, are well worth a walk. The buildings of the episcopal city seem to come out of a fairy tale.

2 Bressanone offers numerous shopping opportunities. Here you will find local craft shops, art workshops, unique workshops where you can often find the artist at work as well as fashion stores from international brands to local ones. Lovers of authentic and natural products can find a wide choice at the farmers' markets of Bressanone and Chiusa: all at zero kilometer, without intermediaries and, consequently, without losing the quality of the product. A pleasure for the eyes and the nose, as well as for the palate!

3 The Hofburg, the Bishop's Palace of Bressanone, historically and artistically boasts of being one of the most important monuments in the Alpine region and presents itself as a fascinating mix of Renaissance and Baroque. In addition to the collections of the Diocesan Museum, the Hofburg also houses several remarkable works of art and architecture as well as the imperial and bishop's apartments. A palace that is always worth a visit.

4 The warmer sun rays and the cheerful chirping of birds invite you to go out, everywhere flowers begin to bloom and the green returns to be more intense. In the mountains and valleys surrounding Bressanone spring is something very special. There are many panoramic walking routes that invite you to discover the surroundings, such as the vineyard path that crosses vineyards and apple orchards in the area.

5 The Abbey of Novacella near Bressanone is still the largest complex of religious and civil buildings in Tyrol. A visit to the art gallery and library is a must, as they contain valuable ancient paintings and writings. Around the Abbey of Novacella there are the northernmost vineyards of Italy that produce famous white wines, such as Sylvaner, Müller Thurgau and Kerner.

6 The impressive Fortezza Fortress in the Valle Isarco valley, one of the most striking fortresses of the Alpine area, dates back to the 19th century. Built to safeguard traffic connection along the Brenner road to the Upper Isarco Valley, today it is a museum. The permanent exhibition provides information about the history of this place and its surroundings - it ventures the guess that the hoar of gold of the Italian National Bank was hidden in this place in WWII. All the more reason to discover the fort.

7 Losing yourself in the characteristic narrow streets of Chiusa/ Klausen, the medieval town on the Isarco, included in the list of the most beautiful villages in Italy you can breathe an atmosphere of yesteryear. Its historic centre contains picturesque views that have sanctioned its fortune, especially in terms of art. Do not miss a visit to its Civic Museum.

8 The Monastery of Sabiona is the spiritual cradle of the entire Tyrol region and one of its oldest monuments. The Sabiona Mountain and its monastery deserve the utmost attention because of their archaeological, historical and artistical importance. The building that houses the convent itself is not open to the public, while some churches can be visited.

9 Castel Velturno (above Bressanone) is the most sumptuous and least known castle in South Tyrol. Despite the simple and massive exterior, the interior is a triumph of boiserie, porcelain stoves, coffered ceilings and paintings. The castle was the summer residence of the bishops of Bressanone until the secularisation in 1803. Today, used as a museum on the local peasant culture in which artefacts and tools for agricultural and artisan use are exposed, it is one of the gems of the Valle Isarco.

10 With new creations and adaptations to modern tastes, the local gastronomy has reached excellent levels with an incredible wealth of delicious dishes, reflecting also a lot of skill and the desire to evolve. All that you need to do is discover the delicacies of the Valle Isarco and it is a promise, that when you stop in traditional restaurants to taste typical dishes and excellent wines, even your palate will not be disappointed.

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